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For additional information on Sanderling ringing in Iceland being carried out 
by  Jereon Reneerkens and their group in the Netherlands check out the following site
Thursday 3rd March 2011
There were three colour ringed Sanderling at Seafield, Quilty today see details below.
1. B3WBWR this bird has been at the site for the past two weeks.
©John N Murphy
2. G3WWYG This bird was seen at here at Seafield in November 2010
© John N Murphy
Saturday 26th February 2011
Two colour ringed Sanderling G3RYGG and G3GGRG were at Seafield Quilty in the early afternoon as the tide rose 
(see history files at bottom of this page).
This bird was first noted at this site on 11th March 2010.
It then returned on 13th November 2010. 
G3RYGG © John N Murphy
G4GGRG © John N Murphy
Saturday 13th November 2010
These two colour ringed birds were on the beach at Quilty.
Ring: G3RYGG
Ring: G3WWYG
Two individual birds at Quilty Beach with colour leg band combinations © John N Murphy
Thursday 11th March 2010
Two colour ringed birds were seen on the Beach at Seafield, Quilty on 
11th March 2010, see photos below and ringing details.
Both individuals were photographed by John Murphy within a flock of 140 birds.
This bird has been present a Seafield since the 16th January © John N Murphy.
© John N Murphy
Friday 6th March 2009
Sanderling on the beach at Quilty Village , Clare on 6th March 2009
This bird was first ringed Sandgeroi, Iceland on 26th May 2007.
The sighting in Clare is the first report of it outside of Iceland
This bird was found and photographed by © John N Murphy
This bird was found and photographed by © Dave McNamara
Seafield, Quilty 16th January 2010
There were six colour banded Sanderling on the beach at Lurga Point, Seafield today.
Birds were observed by John N Murphy & Finbarr MacGabhann with the following combinations.
1. Left L (Green flag, red, white), Right L (white, red)  G3RWWR
2. Left L (Green flag, red, yellow), Right L (red,white) G3RYRW
3. Left L (Green flag, yellow, red), Right L (green,green) G3RWGG
4. Left L (Green flag, white), Right L (white, green) G3WWG
5. Left L (Green flag, white), Right L (red,white) G3WRW
6. Left L (Green flag, red, yellow), Right L (green on tibia, green tarsus) G3RYGG
History Files
G3RYGG   (Ring No. 872518)     CATCH DATE: 16th May 2008.     PLACE: Sandgerdi, Iceland (64.02.39 N 22.42.54 W).
On 16th January 2010, the bird was once again at Seafield, Quilty, County Clare (John N Murphy & Finbarr McGabhann).
On 25th October 2009, the bird was back at Seafield, Quilty, County Clare (Dave McNamara).
On 17th May 2009, the bird was back at Siglingameki, Sangerdi, Iceland (Jeroen Reneekens & Sven Bergraat).
On 6th March 2009, the bird was at Seafield, Quilty, County Clare, Ireland (John N Murphy).
On 24th & 31st October 2008, the bird was at Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland (William Glynn).
On 27th May 2008, the bird was at Siglingamerki, Sangerdi, Iceland (Jeroen Reneerkens).

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