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Badger John N Murphy
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Sunday 31st May 2009
There were hundreds of Painted Lady Butterflies on the tip of Loop Head.
Ten Painted Lady Butterflies, one Cinnabar Moth, two Silver Y Moths, two Large White
Butterflies and dozens of Common Blue and Azure Blue Damselflies at Applewood, Ballycar.
Silver Y Moth Dave McNamara
Saturday 30th May 2009
During the past week 50 million Painted Ladies departed the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, heading Northwards.
Keep an eye out for them in your gardens over the next few days.
There were 50 Painted Lady Butterflies, one Orange Tip Butterfly, one Speckled Wood, one Large White
Butterfly, one Peacock Butterfly,  five Click Beetles, one Silver Ground Carpet Moth, one Pyrochroa Serraticornis Beetle, ten
Azure Blue Damselflies, four Common Red Damselflies, 20 Snipe Flies, ten Common Frogs  and two Leverets
were at Applewood, Ballycar.
Over 50 Painted Lady Butterflies were at Darragh. 
There were 40 Painted Lady Butterflies and three Speckled Moths at Mullagh Mor the Burren.
This morning there were 20 Painted Lady Butterflies at Kilshanny.
There were three Painted Ladies at Seafield and one at Spanish Point.
There was one Hare, one Lattice Moth, one Wood White Butterfly, two Dingy Skippers
and lots of Painted Lady Butteflies at Parknabinnia, the Burren.  
One Frog was in a Garden Pond at Willow Park, Ennis.
One of two baby Leverets taken into care John N Murphy
Mr. neighbourhood Frog looks out from pond Barry Howell
Painted Lady Butterfly John N Murphy
Lattice Moth in the Burren Barry Howell
Pyrochroa Serraticornis Beetle John N Murphy 
Silver Ground Carpet Moth John N Murphy
Friday 29th May 2009
There was one Little Emerald Moth, a Painted Lady Butterfly, one Speckled Wood and
a Green-veined White Butterfly at Applewood, Ballycar.
One Silver Y Moth, a Striped Twin Spot Carpet Moth and a Devils Coach Horse were at Gort Coirce, Dysert.
One Angle Shades Moth was at Wood Haven in Ennis. 
One Orb Spider was at the Kilrush Road, Ennis.
Angle Shades Moth Barry Howell
Orb Spider Dave McNamara
Striped Twinspot Carpet Moth Dave McNamara
Thursday 28th May  2009
One Hare was at Kilfenora.
One Red-tailed Bumble Bee, a brown Trout, six Common Garden Snails and
a Click Beetle (Ctenicera cuprea) were at the Caher Valley, Fanore.
One Brimstone Butterfly, a Large White Butterfly, one Click Beetle and 
five Snipe Flies were at Applewood, Ballycar. 
Tuesday 26th May 2009
Two Sloe Sheild Bugs were at The Carron Perfumery in the Burren.
One May Bug was at Pine Grove Ennis.
One Holly Blue Butterfly, one Marbled White Spot Moth, one Speckled Wood Butterfly, six Bombus
muscorums Bumble Bees, two Bumbus terrestris Bumble Bees and four Common Frogs were at
Gortlecka, Mullaghmore, the Buren.
Sloe Bug John N Murphy
Marbled White Spot Moth John N Murphy
Holly Blue Butterfly John N Murphy
Monday 25th May 2009
There were four Speckled Yellow Moths, one Green Carpet Moth, two Speckled Wood Butterflies,
one, Leucozona  Lucorum Hover Fly, one Hairy Hawker Dragonlfy, six Common Blue Damselflies,
15 Bombus muscorums Bumble Bees, two Bumbus terrestris Bumble Bees and  ten Common Frogs
at Gortlecka, the Burren.
Two Broscus cephalotes Beetles, and hundreds of Sandhoppers were  on the small beach at New Quay.
One Common Blue Butterfly was at Coolootra, the Burren.
One Fox, one Caddis Fly, one Small Pheonix Moth and one Common Pug Moth were at Roxton, Corofin.
One Silver-Y Moth was at Gort Coirce, Dysert. 
Small Pheonix Moth Dave McNamara
Fox at Corofin Dave McNamara
Green Carpet Moth John N Murphy
Leucozona Lucorum Hover Fly John N Murphy
Broscus cephalotes Beetle at New Quay John N Murphy
Sunday 24th May 2009
At Gortlecka in the Burren  National Park there was on Common Lizard, several Common Frogs,
three Wood White Butterflies, a Walled Brown Butterfly, one Cinnabar Moth and six Speckled Yellow Moths.
Over 30 Common Blue Damselflies, two Large White Butterflies a Speckled Wood, one Brimstone,
one Click Beetle, two Carabus  Beetles, one Gastrophysa Virundula Beetle, one Hawthorn Sheild Bug,
and one Four-Spot Chaser Dragonfly were at Applewood, Ballycar.
Speckled Yellow Moth John N Murphy
Wood White Butterfly Tom Tarpey
Saturday 23rd May 2009
One Speckled Yellow Moth was at Mullaghmore, the Burren.
Two Dingy Skipper Butterflies were at Lough Bunny, the Burren.
One Mother Shipton Moth, one Burnet Companion Moth and a Peacock Butterfly were at Parknabinnia, the Burren.
Mother Shipton Moth Barry Howell
Friday 22nd May 2009
One Cinnabar Moth was at Applewood, Ballycar.
One Speckled Yellow Moth, one Green Tiger Beetle, one Heath Moth, four Brimstone Butterflies,
one Hairy Hawker Dragonfly and one Four-Spot Chaser Dragonfly were at Mullaghmore, the Burren.
Several Rhingia capestris flies were at Gort Coirce, Dysert.
A Red-tailed Bumble Bee was seen on the Flaggy Shore.
Hairy Hawker Dragonfly Dave McNamara

Wednesday 20th May 2009
One fox was at the Shannon Airport Lagoon.
One Four-Spot Chaser Dragonfly was at Gort Coirce , Dysert earlier today.
Tuesday 19th May 2009
There were three Green Hairstreak Butterflies, five Painted Lady Butterflies and a small Copper
at Doonagore Bog, Ennistymon.   Also at Doonagore were five Large Red Danselflies, one Four Spot
Chaser Dragonfly, one Red-tailed Bumble Bee, one Garden Tiger Moth Caterpillar, two Carabus Granulatus Beetles 
and one Ctenicera cuprea Click Beetle.
One Pale Prominent Moth, one Feathered Thorn Moth and one Flame Carpet Moth were at Gort Coirce, Dysert this evening.
One Common Carpet Moth was at Cooloota, the Burren.
One Fox, two Hares and a Common Frog were at Roxton, Corofin.
One Red-tailed Bumble Bee was at Ballygriffey Wood.
Two Rabbits, one Lage White Butterfly and two Small White Butterflies were at Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Carabus Granulatus Beetle John N Murphy
MammalsInsects/common wasp-ty gwyn07.jpg
Green Hairstreak Butterfly John N Murphy
MammalsInsects/common wasp-ty gwyn-302.jpg
Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar John N Murphy
Monday 18th May 2009
One Wasp was making a hive in a garden shed in Shannon Town.
Common Wasp building a hive or nest Jeff Copner
Sunday 17th of May 2009
A fox was seen on the Ennis by-pass and another at Lees Road at 4.30 a.m.
Another fox was heard in the Mullaghmore area around 6 a.m. 
and a Hare with a young Leveret were seen close by.
Saturday 16th May 2009
A Brimstone Moth was at the Quin Road Business Park, Ennis.
Two Wood Mice were at Applewood, Ballycar early this morning.
Three Hares were near the Lighthouse at Loop Head.
One Atlantic Grey Seal was at Doonbeg.
One Atlantic Grey Seal was at Seafield, Quilty.
Brimstone Moth Barry Howell
Friday 15th May 2009
One Wood Mouse was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Thursday 14th May 2009
At Fanore National School and sand dunes there was one Oak Eggar Moth Caterpillar,
one Inchneumon Suspicious Insect, six Milipedes, for Flat-backed Millipedes, one Centipede,
18 Common Garden Snails, 22 White-lipped Snails, other banded Snails, one Red-tailed Bumble Bee,
40 Wood Louse, four Daddy Long Legs, one Harvestman, eight Pterostichus madidus Beetles, 25 Black
Slugs and 6 Bombus muscorums Bumble Bees.
Oak Eggar Caterpillar John N Murphy
Flat-backed Millipede John N Murphy
Ichneumons Suspicious John N Murphy
Wednesday 13th May 2009
At Mullagh National School there were 12 Millipedes, six Centipedes, 12 Pterostichus madidus Beetles,
one Daddy Long Legs and two Garden Snails.
There were 15 Snipe-Flies, a Large White Butterfly and one Red-tailed Bumble Bee at Applewood, Ballycar.
Snipe-Fly (Rhagios colopaceus) John N Murphy
Tuesday 12th May 2009
One Hare was at Ballyblood Bog, Kilkishen.
One Leisler’s Bat was at Tireen Lough, near Kilmurray.
One Stoat was at Carron.
One Brimstone, one Large White and one Orange-Tip Butterflies 
were at Lough Atedaun, Corofin.
Hare John N Murphy
Monday 11th May 2009
One Common Lizard, two Brimstne Butterflies, one 16 Spot Ladybird, one Click Beetle (Ctenicera cuprea)
one Common Heath Moth and one Dor Beetle were at Coolootra, the Burren.
There were two Pterostichus madidus Beetles, one Pterostichus nigrita Beetle, four Common
Garden Snails , five Dusky Slugs and one Centipede at the Shannon Airport Lagoon.
Dor Beetle Dave McNamara
Common Heath Moth Dave McNamara
16-Spot Ladybird Dave McNamara
Ctenicera cuprea Click Beetle Dave McNamara
Sunday 10th May 2009
One Slow Worm was at Mullaghmore, The Burren.
There was a lot of insect hatching to life today with the warm sunny calm conditions.
At Applewood, Ballycar there were two Large White, six Green-veined Whites, one Small
White, two Speckled Woods and one Brimstone Butterfly.
Also at Ballycar were nine Small Blue Damselflies, 14 Small Red Damselflies, eight 
Daddy Long Legs, one Tortoiseshell Caterpillar, two Green Sheild Bugs, eight Click
Beetles, one Common Frog, one 14 Spot Ladybird, one Tetragnaha extensa a Long Leg Spider,
one Red-tailed Bumble Bee, 16 Bombus muscorums Bumble Bees, 3 Bombus terrestris
Bumble Bees and numerous Yellow Dung Flies.
One Brimestone and one Orange-Tip Butterflies were at Dromore Nature Reserve, Ruan.
One Stoat and one Peacock Butterfly near Caherfadda, Kilnaboy.
One Holly Blue, one Peacock, three Orange Tips and five Green-veined White Buterflies near Carron.
14 Spot Ladybird John N Murphy
Green Sheild Bug John N Murphy
Tetragnahta Extensa Spider John N Murphy
Caterpillar John N Murphy
Bombus muscorum Bumble Bee John N Murphy
Bombus terrestris Bumble Bee John N Murphy
Yellow Dung Fly John N Murphy
Saturday 9th May 2009
One male Common Red Damselfly and three Green-veined White Butterflies
were at the old Church and graveyard in Liscannor.
Between Parteen and Kilmore there were three Real’s Wood White Butteflies,
one Holly Blue, 32 Green-veined Whites, one Small White, one Large White,
five Orange Tips and on Speckled Wood Butterflies.
Common Red Damselfly John N Murphy
Friday 8th May 2009
One Fox and a Small White Wave Moth were at Roxton Corofin.
Small White Wave Dave McNamara
Thursday 7th May 2009
One Grey Seal was at Liscannor.
Wednesday 6th May 2009
Today at Quilty National School there was one Click Beetle, 12 Black Millipedes, 14 Banded Snails,
one Daddy Long-legs Spider and two Centipedes.
One Otter was at Liscannor Pier.
Click Beetle John N Murphy
Millipede John N Murphy
Tuesday 5th May 2009
There were 16 Black Millipedes, 7 Centipedes, one Vine Weevil,  seven Pterostichus madidus Beetles 
lots of Earwigs, one House Fly and six Yellow Slugs at Coore National School, Mullagh, Quilty.
Ten Feral Goats were at Eagle Rock in the Burren.
Goats in the Burren Dave McNamara
Sunday 3rd May 2009
There was one Large White Butterfly, one  Anrena Haemorrhoa Bee, one  Empis Digramma Fly, one HouseFly
 and one Nomada Flava Wasp eating bee at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Arena Haemorrhoa Bee, a very small Cuckoo type bee John N Murphy
Epis digramma Fly which attacks other small flies John N Murphy
Rhingia Capestris Fly John N Murphy
Nomada Flava Wasp eating Bee John N Murphy
Saturday 2nd May 2009
There were four Green Tiger Beetles, one Red-tailed Bumble Bee and nine Hares near Loop Head Lighthouse.
One Hedgehog was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus this evening.
Green Tiger Beetle John N Murphy
Friday 1st May 2009
There was two Orange-Tip Butterflies and a Rhagium bifasciatum Beetle were at the Lees Road Wood, Ennis.
There was a Carabus granulatus hibernicus Beetle at Fenloe Lake, Newmarket-on-Fergus this morning.
There was a Garden Spider at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
One Crane Fly was at Gort Coirce, Dysert.
Crane Fly Dave McNamara 
Garden Spider John N Murphy
Carabus granulatus hibernicus at Fenloe John N Murphy
Rhagium bifasciatum Beetle that emerge from pine wood at this time of year John N Murphy
Thursday 30th April 2009
One Red Squirrel was at Clifden, Corofin.
One Brimstone, one Large White and three Orange-Tip butterflies
were at Bridgetown, near Broadford.
Orange Tip Butterfly in the Fairgreen, Ennis.

Wednesday 29th April 2009
One Carabus nemolaris Ground Beetle was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
A pair of mating Green-veined White Butterflies were at Gort Coirce, Corofin.
A newly emerged May Fly was at Lough Muckanagh, the Burren (see photo below).
Mating Green-veined White Butterflies Dave McNamara
Mayfly Dave McNamara
Carabus nemolaris Beetle John N Murphy
Tuesday 28th April 2009
There is a family of Foxes, a badger and Hares at Cappanalaught,  Sixmilebridge.
Saturday 25th April 2009
There were 160 Common Garden Snails at Fanore Sand Dunes this morning along side
hundreds of Banded Snails and two Rabbits.
Common Garden Snail John N Murphy
Friday 24th April 2009
One Orange-Tip Butterfly was at Lough Atedaun.
Orange-Tip Butterfly Dave McNamara
Thursday 23rd April 2009
A Wolf Spider (not sure what species) was at Gort Coirce, Dysert (see picture below).
Also at Gort Coirce was one Rabbit, which is very scarce in this part of the county.
Three Nursery Web Spiders, one Orange-Tip butterfly and two Green-veined Whites were at Applewood, Ballycar.
One Bumble Bee (Bombus terrestris) was at the Quin Road Business Park, Ennis.
MammalsInsects/butterfly 008.jpg
Wolf Spider /Garden Spider? Dave McNamara
Wednesday 22nd April 2009
A Red Squirrel was seen at Lees Road Wood Ennis.
One Nursery Web Spider (Pissaurus mirabillus) was in a vegetable garden in Kilmaley.
Nursery Web Spider Dave McNamara

Tuesday 21st April 2009
One Hedgehog, one Leisler’s Bat, two Orange-Tip butterflies and three 
Speckled Woods were at Applewood, Ballycar.
Three Orange-Tip Butterflies and lots of Bumble Bees were at the Shannon
Airport Lagoon.
Monday 20th April 2009
One Orange-Tip Butterfly, three Speckled Woods and two Green-veined Whites
were at Applewood, Ballycar.
Sunday 19th April 2009
One Otter was at Lough Inchiquin.
One Speckled Wood Butterfly was at Willow Park, Ennis.
There was two Speckled Wood Butterflies, two Orange-Tip, four Green-veined White
one Brimestone Butterfly and a Red-tailed Bumble Bee at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Speckled Wood Butterfly Barry Howell
Saturday 18th April 2009
One Brimstone Butterfly, one Speckled Wood, two Orange-Tip and three Green-veined
White Butterflies were at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
One Hover Fly (Helophilus pendulus Spp) was also at Ballycar.
One Fox and 31 wild Goats were at he base of the Cliffs near Moveen.
A Pygmy Shrew was at Lees Road Wood.
Several Brimstone and an Orange Tip Butterfly were seen close to Mullaghmore.
Hover Fly John N Murphy
Thursday 16th April 2009
One Red Squirrel was at Cahercalla Woods, Ennis.
Monday 13th April 2009
One Mink was at the Shannon Airport Lagoon.
One male & one female Orange-Tip Butterflies and one Tortoiseshell and 
one Green-veined White Butterfly were at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Sunday 12th April 2009
One Holly Blue Butterfly was at Mullaghmore, the Burren.
One Orange-Tip Butterfly was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Holly Blue Butterfly Dave McNamara
Saturday 11th April 2009
A staggering 62 Hares were on the headland near Loop Head Lighthouse.
Also at Loop Head there was a Carabus clatratus beetle (see photo below).
Carabus Beetle on the cliff tops of Loop Head John N Murphy
One of the 62 Hares at Loop Head John N Murphy
Friday 10th April 2009
There was a Red-tailed Bumble Bee at Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
A Fox was at Lough Rath, Corofin.
One Common Red Damselfly was at the Shannon Airport Lagoon.
There was a Stoat at Doonagore Bog, Doolin.
One Grey Seal was at Liscannor.
Fox a night visitor to Daves House outside at Corofin Dave McNamara
Thursday 9th April 2009
One Orange-Tip and one Large White Butterflies were at Darragh.
Wednesday 8th April 2009
One Peacock Butterfly and one adult Frog were at Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Two Peacock Butterflies were at the Shannon Airport Lagoon.
Tuesday 7th April 2009
One Hedgehog was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Monday 6th April 2009
There were nine Hares on Loop Head, west of Kilbaha.
One Fox was heard barking in fields near Willow Park, Ennis.
Thursday 2nd April 2009
One Hedgehog was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
One Brimstone Butterfly was at Carron, near Cassidy’s Pub.
Brimstone Butterfly John N Murphy
Wednesday 1st April 2009
One Pine Martin was near Mullaghmore, the Burren.
Two Otters were seen on the River Fergus, near Willow Park.
Tuesday 24th March 2009
One Peacock Butterfly was at Applewood, Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Saturday 14th February 2009
Over 50 Frogs were in a small garden pond at Willow Park, Ennis.
Pond full of Frogs Barry Howell
Monday 19th January 2009
A Stoat was seen feeding on a dead Hare carcas along the roadside north of Tubber.
Stoat feeding on Hare John N Murphy 

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