Clare Bird Sightings

Balearic Shearwater

Balearic Shearwater   Puffinus mauretanicus
Regular Autumn passage seabird.
The first record for the county was one on 15th October 1983.
Since then, there has been an annual passage of 10 – 15 records per annum
between the months of July to early October, off the Bridges of Ross.
2001:   One at Bridges of Ross on 24th, three on 25th, one on 26th, four on 29th and four on 30th August.
2000:   One at Bridges of Ross on 1st September.
1999:   Two at Bridges of Ross on 17th August.
              Singles at Bridges of Ross on 24th, 27th and 28th August.
              Seven at Bridges of Ross on 26th August.
              Four at Bridges of Ross on 29th August.
              Three at Bridges of Ross on 30th August.
              Two at Bridges of Ross on 8th and 9th August.
1998:   One at Bridges of Ross on 23rd and one on 29th August.
              Two at Bridges of Ross on 9th September.
1997:   All records are from the Bridges of Ross.  One on 31st July.
              Four on 23rd, one on 24th and 25th, six on 28th and one on 29th. August.
              One on 1st, two on 3rd, one on 4th and 6th September:
1996:   At Loop Head and Bridges of Ross:  Four on 16th, one on 17th, two on 19th, one on
              20th, two on 21st, one on 23rd, 11 on 24th, two on 25th, and three on 31st August.
              One on 7th and two on 17th September.   One on 3rd and 4th October.
1995:   At Bridges of Ross: One on 25th August.  Three on 2nd, one on 14th and 25th September. 
              One on 6th and 14th October.
1994:   At Bridges of Ross: two on 8th, one 9th and three on 10th September.
1993:   One at Bridges of Ross on 16th September.
1991:   Singles at Bridges of Ross on 7th and 21st September with two there on 16th September.
1990:   One off Loop Head on 12th August, 21 from 12th August to 19th September, with a
               maximum of four on 12th August.
1988:   One on 23rd September.
1987:   There were 13 at the Bridges of Ross between 30th July an 6th October, with a.
              maximum four on 2nd September.
1986:   Singles at Bridges of Ross on 18th and 22nd October.
1985:   One at Castle Point, Kilkee on 1st September.
1984:   Ten at the bridges of Ross between 9th and 23rd September.
1983:   One at Bridges of Ross on 15th October.


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