Clare Bird Sightings

September 2006

Saturday 30th September 2006
There were four Little Stints and two Curlew Sandpipers at
Seafeild beach Quitly this afternoon along with one Peregrine.
There was one first-winter Mediterranean Gull at Lahinch marsh
as well as two Peregrines.
There was one Peregrine at Lough Gash, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
There were three Hen Harriers at Tullagher Bog.

Tuesday 26th September 2006
At Quilty today there were 12 Little Stints, three Curlew Sandpipers,
30 Whimbrel and a dark phase Arctic Skua.

Monday 25th September 2006
The juvenile Black Tern was still in Kilbaha Harbour, Loop Head today.
One Marsh Harrier was at Ballyallia Lake this evening (Tom Lynch).
There were two Water Rails at Ballycar Lake.

Sunday 24th September 2006
There were four Little Stints at Seafield, Quilty this afternoon.
At Loop Head this morning there was one juvenile Black Tern,
10 Arctic Skuas, three Bonxies and four White Wagtails.
One Water Rail was at Ballycar Lake along with one singing Chiffchaff.

Saturday 23rd September 2006
There was a Wilson’ Phalarope at Loop Head this morning (John N Murphy, Brian Finnegan,
Austin Cooney & Christy Meehan).
Along with one Pectoral Sandpiper, two Hen Harriers, one Peregrine,
28 Rock Doves, three Common Scoter, one White Wagtail and four Wheatears.
One Barn Owl was at Kilkee.
One Water Rail was at Shannon Airport Lagoon.
There were seven Brent Geese at Doonbeg.
Wilson’s Phalarope at Ross Bay, Loop Head John N Murphy

There was a Marsh Harrier at Ballyallia Lake this afternoon (Stan Nugent).
At Carrigaholt there was two Curlew Sandpipers and one White Wagtail.
One Water Rail was at Kilcredaun Marsh.
One Little Egret was a Poulnasherry Bay.
There were three Little Stints, five Curlew Sandpipers and two White
Wagtails on the beach at Seafield, Quilty.
Little Stint at Seafield © John N Murphy

Friday 22nd September 2006
One Pectoral Sandpiper was near Lough Donnell today.
One female Hen Harrier was at Loop Head.

Thursday 21st September
There were four Little Egrets at Poulnasherry Bay today.
There were two Mediterranean Gulls at Quilty along with,
two juvenile Curlew Sandpipers, 150 Turnstone, 200 Ringed
Plover, 30 Sanderling and 60 Dunlin.
18 Wheatears were at the west end of Kilkee.

Tuesday 19th September 2006
At the Bridges of Ross today there was one juvenile Long-tailed Skua
(John N Murphy), eight Bonxies, two Pomarine Skuas, two Arctic Skuas,
one Leach’s Petrel, 21 Storm Petrels, 16 Sooty Shearwaters, two Red-
throated Divers , six Black-throated Divers, 940 Gannets with 
one pale grey Gannet a very unusual looking bird.
On Loop Head there were 26 Chough, 11 Golden Plover and 8 Wheatears.
Two Green Sandpipers and one Grey Wagtail were at Moyasta, Poulnasherry Bay.
There were two Curlew Sandpipers and one 2nd winter Mediterranean Gulls at Lahinch.      

Sunday 17th September 2006
The Osprey was still at Lahinch Marsh (Brian Arthurs, John N Murphy
Dave McNamara, Hugh Delaney, Richard Bonser et al).
There was also two Peregrines, one Kingfisher and seven Chough.
One Ruff was at Doonbeg.
Five Curlew Sandpipers were on the Beach at Lurga Point. 
The Long-billed Dowitcher was still at the Shannon Airport Lagoon
(Richard Bonser et al) along with two Ruff and four Curlew Sandpipers.

Saturday 16th September 2006
The Osprey was once again seen at Lahinch along with 14 Chough
(Brian Finnegan & Austin Cooney).
The Long-billed Dowitcher was back in the Shannon Airport Lagoon
(John N Murphy et al). Also at the Lagoon was the Pectoral Sandpiper, one
Spotted Redshank, 14 Curlew Sandpipers and a Peregrine.
One Little Egret was at Clenagh Lake, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
Spotted Redshank John N Murphy

Friday 15th September 2006
Osprey was still at Lahinch (Finbarr MacGabhann).
One Pectoral Sandpiper was at Lough Donnell.
Two Curlew Sandpipers were on the rocky shore
mid way between Lurga Point and Lough Donnell.
 Three Curlew Sandpipers were on the beach at Lurga Point.
Pectoral Sandpiper at Lough Donnell Video Grabs Stan Nugent

Thursday 14th September 2006
The Osprey was once again seen at Lahinch today(Tim Griffin).

Wednesday 13th September 2006
The Osprey was still at Lahinch (Dave McNamara).
Two Marsh Harriers were seen at Ballyallia Lake today (Tim Griffin).

Tuesday 12th September 2006
An Osprey ws found today (Dave McNamara) at Lahinch in the
Ennistymon Marsh area behind the castle at the Bridge on the
north end of the town. 

Monday 11th September 2006
Two Pectoral Sandpipers and one Ruff at Lough Donnell this morning.
Three Curlew Sandpipers on the beach between Lurga point and Lough Donnell.
The Long-billed Dowither was re-located at the Shannon Airport Lagoon
today (John Wright).

Sunday 10th September 2006
The Little Ringed Plover was still at Lough Donnell (Brian Finnegan &
Austin Cooney & Brian Arthurs) along with two Pectoral Sandpipers.
There were five Curlew Sandpipers and two Little Stints on the shore
half way between Lurga point and Lough Donnell.
There was also one female Hen Harrier close to Lough Donnell.
One Jay was on the Lees Wood Road this evening.

Saturday 9th September 2006
There was a Little Ringed Plover at Lough Donnell this evening
(John N Murphy, John Rattigan & Finbarr MacGabhann).
This was a first Clare Record.

Little Ringed Plover John N Murphy.

At Lough Donnell there were also four Pectoral Sandpipers, one Common
Sandpiper and one Ruff.
Four Curlew Sandpipers were near Lurga Point.
One Common Sandpiper was at Doonbeg.
The white Curlew and two Little Egrets were at Poulnasherry Bay.

Friday 8th September 2006
There was  a Kingfisher on the Roche site, Clarecastle.

Thursday 7th September 2006
There was a Kingfisher,a Common Sandpiper and 22 Greenshank at Doonbeg.

Kingfisher at Doonbeg © John N Murphy

Wednesday 6th September 2006
There was one juvenile White-rumped Sandpiper at the
Shannon Airport Lagoon this evening (John N Murphy).
There was also a large number of other waders as follows;
one Pectoral Sandpiper, one Curlew Sandpiper, two Ruff,
two Spotted Redshank, one Sanderling, one Greenshank,
500 Redshank, 1,000 Black-tailed Godwit, 900 Dunlin, 12 Knot,
11 Ringed Plover, 400 Black-headed Gulls, one male Sparrowhawk
and one female Wheatear. 
The Green Sandpiper was still at Doonbeg along with one Kingfisher.

Tuesday 5th September 2006
There was a Green Sandpiper at Doonbeg Bay this morning, along
with ten Greenshank and a good mixed flock of Dunlin and Ringed Plover.

Sunday 3rd September 2006
One Lesser Yellowlegs was at Doonbeg this afternoon

(Maeve & Christy Meehan).
This morning at the Shannon Airport Lagoon the Pectoral
Sandpiper was still present along with two juvenile
Curlew Sandpipers, a large mix of other waders and
one Peregrine.

Saturday 2nd September 2006
Passage at the bridges of Ross was not great with only
25 Great Shearwaters, 16 Sooty Shearwaters, five Balearic
Shearwaters, four Pomarine Skuas, 22 Arctic Skuas,
8 Bonxies, 15 Storm Perets, one each’s Pettrel and one
Black Tern.
There was a Pectoral Sandpiper at Poulnasherry Bay with three
Little Egrets.
Four Little Stints were at Quilty.
One adult Mediterranean Gull wearing a yellow leg ring was at Kilkee.   

Friday 1st September 2006
There was good migration at the Bridges of Ross this morning with
ten Cory’s Shearwaters, 227 Great Shearwaters, 305 Sooties,
six Balearic Shearwaters, 14 Pomarine Skuas, 40 Arctic Skuas,
11 Bonxies, 15 Sabine’s Gulls, 14 Leach’s Petrels and one
Black Tern.

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