Clare Bird Sightings

May 2007

Thursday 31st of May 2007
A Raven was recorded at New Road Ennis this morning.
A Blackcap was singing at Dromore this evening.

Wednesday 30th of May 2007
A pair of Yellowhammer were seen this morning at Caherconnell Stone Fort
in the Burren.

Tuesday 29th of May 2007
A pair of Common Sandpiper and 4 chicks were seen at Lough Bunny.
A Water Rail was also seen there and 2 more were spotted at Shannon Airport Lagoon.
A Blackcap was singing at Lees Road Wood and 2 more were singing in Dromore Nature Reserve.
A Raven was seen close to the entrance to Dromore.
A pair of Spotted Flycatchers were seen near Inch Bridge.

Monday 28th of May 2007
A Jay was heard in Lees Road Wood this afternoon.
Two Tree Sparrows were seen at Clahaun.
Two Peregrine and 300 Manx Shearwaters were reported from Black Head.

Sunday 27th of May 2007
A Blackcap was singing at Lees Road Wood this morning.
The OSPREY was seen near Lahinch Golf Club again this afternoon.
Two Chough were also present in the same area.
A female Hen Harrier was reported from Donagoor Bog.
An Arctic Skua was seen in Liscannor.

Saturday 26th of May 2007
An OSPREY was  spotted at the back of the castle at Lahinch Golf Course.(Geoff Pearson)
Good views of bird feeding on a fish on top of electricity pole.
The two Pomarine Skua are still at Creg Beach Lahinch.Can be viewed from a distance of 2 metres.
A Jay and 2 Blackcap were at Lees Road Wood this morning.
Osprey at Lahinch (videograb)  © Stan Nugent

Friday 25th of May 2007
A Jay was seen in Lees Road Wood this evening.
One Artcic Skua was off Quilty.
Two POMARINE SKUA still at Creg Beach Lahinch.Three Raven also there.

Thursday 24th of May 2007
One POMARINE SKUA was still feeding on the  carcass at Creg Beach Lahinch
this morning.In the evening a second POMARINE SKUA joined in the feast.
An Arctic Skua and thirty Sandwich Tern were seen at Liscannor.
Three Blackcap were at Lees Road Wood and another at Cranny.
Pomarine Skua at Lahinch (videograb) © Stan Nugent

Wednesday 23rd of May 2007
Two POMARINE SKUA  were at Creg Beach Lahinch(Milltown-Malbay road) all day.
They were feeding on a carcass very close to the shore.(Dave McNamara)
They were joined later in the evening by 2 Arctic Skua.

Pomarine Skuas at Lahinch © Dave MacNamara

Tuesday 22nd of May 2007
An adult Ringed-billed Gull and a Peregrine were at Lough Donnel(Dave McNamara)
Four Tree Sparrows and three Ravens were spotted at Liscannor and another Tree Sparrow
was seen at Clahaun,Liscannor.
At least three Blackcap were singing this evening in Lees Road Wood and another
was seen at Ballyallia Lake later.

Monday 21st of May 2007
Two Blackcap were singing this afternoon in Lees Road Wood,Ennis,and
 2 more were seen  later in the evening on the Rabbit Island Trail in
Dromore Wood Nature Reserve .A single Blackcap was also reported from
Cranny and Ballyallia Lake.
Up to 30 Whitethroat were reported from Cranny area.

Sunday 20th 0f May 2007
At the Dawn Chorus outing to the Burren this morning 8 Yellowhammers were
seen near Mullaghmore with one more at Commons South Kilnaboy.
Two Common Sandpipers  and 2 Blackcaps were observed near Mullaghmore also.
A good number of cuckoos were calling in the area as well.
Four Tree Sparrows were seen in Liscannor and a Peregrine was spotted
in Lahinch Marsh.

Saturday May 19th 2007
A Jay was spotted in Lees Road Wood Ennis this afternoon and
a Blackcap was also singing there.

Friday 18th of May 2007
A Kingfisher flew past Drehidnagower Bridge in Ennis this evening.

Thursday 17th of May 2007
Two Tree Sparrows were seen at Liscannor with another at Seafield.
A Dipper was at the Falls in Ennistymon.
A Little Egret was observed at Killimer Ferry.

Wednesday 16th of May 2007
There were over 2000 Manx Shearwaters off the Bridges of Ross today.
Forty Purple Sandpipers were at Seafield near Quilty.
A Tree Sparrow was seen at Liscannor.

Tuesday 15th of May 2007
A Raven flew over Ennis CBS this morning and another  was seen
later in the evening at Ballyallia Lake.
A Blackcap was heard singing in Lees Road Wood this afternoon.

Monday 14th of May 2007
A Garganey was spotted at Shannon Airport Lagoon this afternoon.
Two Blackcap were singing at Lees Road Wood.

Sunday 13th of May 2007
Two Blackcap were singing at Dromore Wood near Ruan this afternoon.
A Jay and 2 Spotted Flycatcher were also present there.
There were 2 Whimbrel at Islandavanna this evening.

Saturday 12th of May 2007
Two Yellowhammer  and 3 Blackcap  were singing at Mullaghmore this evening.
Three Whitethroat were also singing at Commons South,Kilnaboy.

Friday 11th of May 2007
A male Blackcap was singing at Knockanean school today and
another later in the evening in Lees Road Wood.

Thursday 10th of May 2007
Three male Blackcap were singing in Dromore Wood this evening.
A Jay was heard in Lees Road Wood ,Ennis.
A small flock of Whimbrel were at Ballymacguiggan Lake, Drumcliffe.

Wednesday 9th of May 2007
A Jay flew over Lees Road Wood just before dusk.
Three Swifts were seen over  Knockanean school earlier today.

Tuesday 8th of May 2007
A flock of 46 Whimbrel were seen at the Flaggy Shore this morning.
There were 4 Swifts flying over Ballyallia Lake this evening.

Saturday 5th of May 2007
There were 3 cuckoos together on a telephone wire near Cranny this afternoon.
A Red-throated Diver was reported in Liscannor Bay.
A Little Egret was reported at Doora Bridge.

Friday 4th of May 2007
Female Hen Harrier at Lahinch Marsh.A Grasshopper Warbler was at Dunagoor Bog.
Up to 500 Whimbrel were spotted between Quilty and Lough Donnel.
Also good numbers of Whimbrel along the Flaggy Shore.
A flock of 20 Shearwaters were seen far out to sea  from the Flaggy Shore.

Thursday 3rd May 2007
There was a Blackcap singing at McGraths Quarry in Tulla this morning.
A small flock of 14 Whimbrel flew into Ballyblood Bog near Kilkishen.

Wednesday 2nd May 2007
There was one Blackcap and two Greylag Geese and 12 Whimbrel
at Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
There were sixteen Whimbrel reported at Knockanean this afternoon and seven  over Ballyallia Lake, Ennis
 this evening.

Tuesday 1st May 2007
There was an Osprey resting on a spruce tree at the top of Slieve Elva

at approximately 6.25pm this evening (John N Murphy).
One Jay was also in the same spruce plantation as the Osprey.
One Blackcap was at Lisdoonvarna with another at Ballycar,
A flock of 65 Whimbrel flew over Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus this evening.
There were 89 Whimbrel at Islandavanna, Clarecastle.

Osprey at the top of Slieve Elva © John N Murphy

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