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Bird Sightings for 2004

Thursday 9th December 2004.
Ballygireen: Up to 100 Whooper Swans feeding on fields close to the Rhine River.

Wednesday 8th December 2004.
Clarecastle Dock: One Common Sandpipers .
Ballygireen:       A flock of 60 Whooper Swans feeding on some fields close to the Rine River.
Tuesday 7th December 2004
Clarecastle Dock: Two Common Sandpipers feeding along the dock wall.     
Sunday 5th December 2004.
Ballyallia Lake:   Two Ring-necked Ducks (Austin Cooney).
Saturday 4th December 2004.
Ballyallia Lake:   Four Ring-necked Ducks (John N Murphy).
Wednesday 1st December 2004.
Ballyallia Lake:   Three Ring-necked Ducks (John N Murphy & Austin Cooney).
Monday 29th November 2004.
Ballyallia Lake:   Four Ring-necked Ducks (John N Murphy).
Ennis:               One Waxwing.
Saturday 27th November 2004.
Bell Harbour:      One drake Green-winged Teal.
Friday 26th November 2004
Ballyallia Lake    One female Ring-necked Duck (Stan Nugent).
Wednesday 24th November 2004.
Bell Harbour:      One drake Green-winged Teal.
Saturday 20th November 2004.
Bell Harbour: One drake Green-winged Teal.
Monday 8th November 2004
Ennis:  One Waxwing flew over east end of the town.
Sunday 7th November 2004.
Ballyallia Lake:One immature Long-tailed Duck.
Saturday 6th November 2004.
Kilkee: Female Common Eider still in the bay.
Thursday 4th November 2004.
Kilkee:              Common Eider was still in the bay at Kilkee.
Islandavanna:    One Little Egret on the marsh behind old fish factory.       
Wednesday 3rd November 2004.
Ballycar, Newmarket-on-Fergus:  One male Blackcap.
Male Blackcap in my garden (c) John N Murphy
Monday 1st November 2004.
Kilkee: One 1st winter male Common Eider.
Common Eider at Kilkee (c) John N Murphy
Poulnasherry Bay:
One Little Egret.
One albanistic Curlew, (returning bird for the last four years).
2,000 Golden Plover.
Six Scaup.
One Peregrine chased Golden Plover around the bay but had no luck in catching any birds.
Loop Head:Ten Merlin.
One Water Rail.
Three Red-throated Divers.
One Chiffchaff.
Chiffchaff at the lighthouse on Loop Head (c) John N Murphy
Sunday 31st October 2004.
Loop Head:A male Siberian Thrush was found today in the late afternoon at Loop Head Lighthouse.
If accepted this will be the second Irish record (Maeve Meehan).
Shannon Town: One Barn Owl.
Saturday 30th October 2004.
Bell Harbour:      One drake American Wigeon.
One drake Green winged Teal.
Drake Green-winged Teal at Bell Harbour (c) Dermot Breen
Loop Head:         There was a large number of seabirds off the Loop Head lighthouse.
High-lights were;  Hundreds of Gannets ,Kittiwakes and auks along with one Little Auk, two Great Skuas, one Leache’s Petrel, one Great Northern Diver and three Common Scoter.  Three Carrion Crows flew in off the sea with three Hooded crows.
On land around the lighthouse compound there were two Snow Buntings six Lapland Buntings and a Waxwing flew in off the sea calling as it headed inland.
The Waxwing was later located along the roadside in Kilbaha village along with two Tree Sparrows.
One male Hen Harrier and four Merlin hunted the Loop Head peninsula throughout the day.
Friday 29th October 2004.
There was a large overnight influx of Redwings to the county.
Thursday 28th October 2004
Inish Cullen Hill, Shannon:        One Little Egret.

Saturday 23rd October 2004
Lough Murree:    One American Wigeon.

Friday 22nd October 2004
Bell Harbour:      One drake Green-winged Teal.
Up to eight Kestrels were seen today on the Loop Head peninsula (c) John N Murphy
Monday 18th October 2004
Lough Murree:    One American Wigeon.
Sunday 17th October 2004
Lough Murree:    One American Wigeon.
Tuesday 12th October 2004
Loop Head:        
Two Short-eared Owls.
Three Lapland Buntings.
One of two Short-eared Owls at the Fodry Loop Head Ó John N Murphy
Lapland Bunting at the Fodry, Loop Head Ó John N Murphy
Fri 1st October 2004
Shannon Airport One Barn Owl was seen hunting over the spartina grass at the entrance to the lagoon.
Fri 11th September 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
One Wilson’s Storm Petrel.
100 Leach’s Petrels.
60 Arctic Skuas.
60 Great Skuas. 
Monday 5th September 2004
Poulnasherry Bay:One adult White-rumped Sandpiper.
Fri 2nd September 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
300 Sooty Shearwaters.
One Great Skua.
Two Arctic Skuas.
Shannon Lagoon:Two Ruff.
Thurs 1st September 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
One Fea’s/Zino’s Petrel.
Nine Sooty Shearwaters.
38 Storm Petrels.
Four Great Shearwaters.
11 Arctic Skuas.
Two Long-tailed Skuas.
Two Mediterranean Gulls.
Loop Head: 45 Collared Doves.
31st August 2004
Bridges of Ross:
54 Sooty Shearwaters.
Six Storm Petrels.
Six Great Skuas.
19 Arctic Skuas.
30th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:
12 Sooty Shearwaters.
One Storm Petrel.
One Leache’s Petrel.
24 Great Skuas.
22 Arctic Skuas.
12 Long-tailed Skuas.
Loop Head: 45 Chough.
29th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:          
One Red-throated Diver.
700 Sooty Shearwaters.
Three Balearic Shearwaters.
56 Storm Petrels.
27 Leache’s Petrels.
44 Great Skuas.
56 Arctic Skuas.
Five Long-tailed Skuas (2 adults & three juveniles).
Two Sabine’s Gulls.
Two Little Gulls.
28th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
65 Sooty Shearwaters.
One Balearic Shearwater.
34 Storm Petrels.
12 Leache’s Petrels.
Ten Great Skuas.
40 Arctic Skuas.
Three Long-tailed Skuas.
Loop Head:14 Raven.
27th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
Four Red-throated Divers.
One Blue Fulmar.
One Great Shearwater.
13 Sooty Shearwaters.
19 Storm Petrels.
Two Leache’s Petrels.
19 Great Skuas.
One Pomarine Skua.
40 Arctic Skuas.
Five Long-tailed Skuas.
One Grey Phalarope.
One Black Tern.
Dark-phased Arctic Skua chasing Kittiwake off the Bridges of Ross (c) John N Murphy
26th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
61 Sooty Shearwaters.
15 Storm Petrels.
11 Great Skuas.
11 Arctic Skuas.
25th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:          
One Fea’s/Zino’s Petrel.
150 Sooty Shearwaters.
Four Balearic Shearwaters.
Six Storm Petrels.
One Wilson’s Storm Petrel.
17 Great Skuas.
44 Arctic Skuas.
13 Long-tailed Skuas.
One Sabine’s Gull.
One Little Gull.
Adult Arctic Skua off the Bridges of Ross (c) John N Murphy
24th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
One intermediate Fulmar.
200 Sooty Shearwaters.
Three Balearic Shearwaters.
110 Storm Petrels.
Two Leache’s Petrels.
One Wilson’s Storm Petrel.
24 Great Skuas.
34 Arctic Skuas.
Seven Long-tailed Skuas.
One Sabine’s Gull.
Four Grey Phalaropes.
Two Black Terns.
23rd August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
Ten Sooty Shearwaters.
37 Storm Petrels.
One Common Sandpiper.
Four Great Skuas.
18 Arctic Skuas.
One Mediterranean Gull.
20th August 2004
Bridges f Ross:              
One Wilson’s Petrel.
One Grey Phalarope.
Two Long-tailed Skuas.
13 Great Skuas.
36 Arctic Skuas.
One Sabine’s Gull.
Leucistic Meadow Pipit at Loop Head Lighthouse Ó John N Murphy
19th August 2004
Bridges of Ross:             
Eight Sooty Shearwater.
One Balearic Shearwater.
300 plus Storm Petrels.
Three Wilson’s Storm Petrel.
One Great Skua.
Two Long-tailed Skua.
Ten Arctic Skua.
Quilty: One Long-tailed Skua.
12th July 2004
Shannon Lagoon:  One Spotted Redshank.
22nd July 2004
Bridges of Ross: Three Sooty Shearwaters.
Clahane: One adult Yellow-legged Herring Gull.
Liscannor Bay: One Little Auk.
Twenty-four Red-throated Divers.
Adult Yellow-legged Herring Gull at Clahane Ó John N Murphy
4th April 2004
Ballycar:                        One Willow Warbler.
13h April 2004
Dromoland:                    Two male Blackcaps.
Ballycar Lake:                One male Blackcap.
18th April 2004
Ballyallia Lake:               Three Whimbrel.
19th April 2004
Ballygireen:                   18 Whooper Swans.
20th April 2004
Inagh:                           One Grasshopper Warbler.
Thursday 2nd April 2004
New Quay:One Swallow and six Sand Martins.
Six Sandwich Terns.
New Quay-Fanore:Over 60 Great Northern Divers.
Fanore: One 1st winter Glaucous Gull
One White Wagtail.
Seven Wheatears.
White Wagtail at Fanore (c) John N Murphy
Tuesday 31st March 2004
Ennis:  One Swallow on the river in the town centre.
Saturday 28th March 2004
Dromoland Castle: One singing male Blackcap.
Thursday 26th March 2004
Clarecastle:        Three Sand Martins on the river.
Fenloe Lake:      One singing Chiffchaff.
Sunday 22nd March 2004
Clenagh Lake:    One first-winter Little Gull.
First winter Iceland Gull at the marina in Kilrush (c) John N Murphy
Friday 20th March 2004
Bridges of Ross:  50 Manx Shearwaters ph
1000 Fulmars ph
200 Gannet ph
100 Guillemots ph
3 Common Scoter
Poulnasherry Bay: 60 Brent Geese           
Kilrush:             One Iceland Gull
Wednesday 18th March 2004
Loop Head:         One Snow Bunting
300 Manx Shearwaters ph past Bridges of Ross
Kilkee:              One male Wheatear
Illaunonaraoun:  22 Barnacle Geese
22 Chough
Snow Bunting at Loop Head Ó John N Murphy
Tuesday 17th March 2004
Quilty:150 Purple Sandpipers.
100 Sanderling.

Sanderlings Ó John N Murphy
Saturday 14th March 2004
Ballygireen:       110 Whooper Swans
Saturday 7th March 2004
Lahinch:              Seven Velvet Scoters.
Friday 6th March 2004
Lahinch:            One Surf Scoter and seven Velvet Scoters.
Doorus:             One Forster’s Tern and ten Eider Duck.
Monday 2nd March 2004
Islandavanna:     One Pink-footed Goose with seven Greylag Geese and 36 Whooper Swans.
Kildysart:           One Little Egret.
Ballygireen:       Eighty-eight Whooper Swans.
Sunday 1st March 2004
Dromoland:        Lots of Curlew migrating northwards has begun.
Saturday 29th February 2004
Liscannor Bay:   One Surf Scoter.
Saturday 20th February 2004
Poulnasherry Bay: Seven Little Egrets.
Monday 15th February 2004
Loop Head:         One luecistic Chaffinch.
Illaunanaraoun:  204 Barnacle Geese.
Moveen:             One male Brambling.
Poulnasherry Bay:One white Curlew and three Little Egrets.

Luecistic Chaffinch at Loop Head (c) John N Murphy
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